06 July 2007


Expectation is good especially if you have a positive one. Whenever one aspire to do something like getting married, setting up a business, starting a new job or having kids etc, we all have hopes of what the outcome will be, it’s prospects, especially of success or gain.
Take an expectant mother for example; she is so referred because she is expecting to deliver a child after nine months of carrying the pregnancy. There are certain measures she takes as a result of her expectancy, she sow dresses to accommodate her new figure or abdominal protrusion, she buy baby clothes, prams, feeding materials etc. she has an expectation of delivering a live baby after nine months.
Like a pregnant woman, everyone should also live with an expectation; it is good to have expectation in a family, because if we have, we will be able to remain steadfast and committed towards one another despite the challenges we may face.

I urge you not to live without an expectation, remember God promised that our expectation will not be cut off.

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