10 July 2007

Teaching the Love of our life the values of life.

The love of my life……….a common line; everyone knows it and uses it. Apart from our spouses, our children are also the love of our life. It’s quite unfortunate that most parent don’t see them as such hence our attitude, so lenient and permissive with our children. It is a sorry thing to witness some of the things some parents permits/allow their children to do. I was watching a children’s party organised by a group of people and all I could see on the screen were young girls indecently dressed and when I say indecent, I mean almost naked, dancing to a nightmare called music filled with all the vulgar words you could not even imagine. Some of these girls are barely 10years old; imagine such girl’s behaviour when they reached the age of consent.
Whenever I see such, I asked myself why someone would want their precious children, the love of their life be made a mockery of? And often times I draw a blank. It is a pity to note that some mothers don’t dress that way but encourage their children because it is the in-thing, on one of Oprah’s show, she was lamenting the deplorable way in which girls allow themselves to be used by some musicians in video clips, she stated that the men in such videos are usually well dressed while the girls will be next to nude. I think we need to place value on our love ones, teach them to be decent, let them know that their body is a temple of God and not a garage, teach them to honour it.
A lot of parents today are just too liberal and notoriously careless in their living, they have practically erased discipline out of their dictionary, be warned, it is better to raise children you will be proud of anywhere, any day than to raise vagabond who will make every waking day of your life a misery.

May the Lord help us all?

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