11 July 2007

Security issue

Here is call to all my readers to please exercise a lot of caution when going about their daily activities.A colleague's life was unceremoniously wasted by armed robbers/car jackers few days back,it's not really a pleasant story but please lets learn a lesson from this and in the unlikely event of an attack, lets remember:

  • Not to resist or panic,please stay calm and collected
  • To keep hands visible, preferably raised up in the 'surrender' fashion
  • Avoid eye-to-eye contact with the assailants, but respond to instructions calmly and promptly.
  • Plead that you will fully cooperate with them, but they should not use their weapon.
  • Not to make sudden movements without first seeking their permission - e.g. unfastening your seat belt as they may misconstrue your intention.
  • Don't attempt to call the Police when it is not safe to do so.

Very important:

Use your phone only when your assailants will not hear or see you do so.

Instead, cooperate fully to save your life and that of your loved ones.

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