15 August 2007

Freedom of speech.

With freedom of speech, people can say what they like about whatever takes their fancy; it’s a free world. But it somehow amaze me the kind of things some talk about. I believe that it is better to keep quiet rather than say the wrong things. An adage once says that words are like eggs, when scattered it cannot be put together. A lot of people because there is freedom of speech, say all sorts of unprintable things about governments, religious leaders etc. I once visited a site, where the writer wrote a lot of unpalatable words about some notable church ministers, what they are doing and how they could have done it better. Some targets government officials like the presidents, senators, governors and so on. I found that some of the criticisms are quite baseless and unnecessary, but then people just want to talk and they forget that words have such powers.
Someone once told me something that I never expected to hear from him and that made me lose respect for him, nothing the person does ever pleases me now, even though I have forgiven, it has not been easy for me to forget. I begin to also think back to all the things I may have said to someone somewhere that though they were nothing to me, but meant a great deal to them, either good or bad, and I can’t help asking for forgiveness for whatever it may have been. Clothes may disguise a fool, but his words will give him away.

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