14 September 2007

Why I love PayPerPost.

I vividly remembered opening my yahoo inbox on the 9th of august 2007 to a mail from support@payperpost.com telling me “Your Blog has been approved”. At first I was surprised because I had earlier submitted the same blog and was rejected because it did not meet one or two of their requirements at that time. So it was a big surprise to finally hear that my blog now belong to the payperpost family. I realize that their service is so quick and easy and I love that about them.The traffic generation is surperb as well.Until now I have only taken five opportunity posts and I am expecting $41.01 with which I plan to register my own domain name and possibly get a hosting into the bargain.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see that you are a PPP affiliate.

Clement Nyirenda's blog world

Anonymous said...

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