11 September 2007

Pingo and Phone Card Deals!

International calls free? I think I have to read that again! But it’s true; you get five hours of free international call when you sign up with Pingo and amazingly cheap calling card, there is no hidden fee or any such surprise, only a well packaged deal with the best competitive rates. You can also get a special phone card blog discount coupon: “ppp3” valid for $3 off Pingo.
There are various options to choose from; you can decide to take the:
Pingo Business & Family Plan:
If you decide to go global, you get easy billing and management with amazing bundled savings.
Pingo’s RateWatcher:
This option saves you from the hassle of digging through piles of
prepaid calling card offers to see if you're getting really low phone card rate.
Pingo Mobile: with this option, you can save up to 90% on your International cell phone calls.
Pingo’s calling card affiliate program: you can also get a reward every time you refer friends and family to Pingo.
With Pingo’s
global phone cards, keeping in touch with loved ones is a dream come true especially for those who have relatives abroad and wish to keep in constant touch with them all, just get a cheap prepaid phone card from Pingo, and you're good to go.

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