10 September 2007


Someone once asked me, what success means to me? I did not have to think twice about my reply, I simply answered that as far as I am concerned; success is being the best mother in the whole wide world to my wonderful children. It is seeing my children become the greatest children the world has ever heard of. This is my definition of success.
I have read somewhere that when we were coming to life; every one of us was entrusted with a cargo, our cargo includes children, spouses and friends. And for our journey to be successful, we have to deliver our cargo to their destination. The most important of our cargo is our children; they are to be delivered without spot or blemish, teach them the way of the Lord. Never make them promises you cannot fulfil, don’t be a do I say kind of parent, but do as I do. Admit mistakes when you make them and don’t punish them unfairly; give them audience at all times.
A writer once wrote that he knew of a number of wealthy men who were not successes as fathers. They made money rapidly; their factories were marvels of organization; their money investments were sound and made with excellent judgment, and their contributions to public service were useful and all willingly made. At the end they have their fortune on one hand, and worthless and dissolute children on the other.
They spend too much time making money and too little time was spent with their children.
What does success means to you?

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Bro. Tee said...

Being able to say boldly to my master "Sir, by your Grace, I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course"

I quite agree with you that success is incomplete if we fail in the responsibilities that the Lord has entrusted us with.

As successful as Prophet Samuel was, I do not envy his performance as a father. I will rather have the kind of commendation that Abraham had.
have made up my mind that the children that I had asked for and received from the Lord must be successfully delivered back to him when I meet him face to face. No amount of money or other worldly accomplishment will cover up for failure in this area.

I do advice brethren not to give birth too many children if they are not certain they will be willing to give special attention to each and everyone of them.

Whether we like it or not. We shall be made to give account for each little one that is entrusted into our care by the master.

I hope I did not digress from the question.

Thanks for sharing this, please keep writing. I enjoy your postings. Remain blessed.