13 September 2007

Show that you care.

It is a known fact that the success of a marriage depends on the two people involved; they both need to work together to ensure happiness in the marriage. Can two walk together unless they agree? NO! It is the responsibility of the partners to make each other happy. The usual trend in homes is that the men go out to work in order to support their family while the wife take care of the home in his absence. But these days, most wives assist to complement the effort of their husband by working, even though the household chores is already a full time employment. It is sometimes very tiring to combine career with our duties as wives and mothers. Wives need to be encouraged and appreciated, we need to be cherished, we need our husbands going extra length for us, we need our husband’s support and affection, and most importantly, we need honesty and openness in our relationship with our husband. We also need our husbands to:
Show us love in tangibles ways; like taking us out and giving us treats, arranging holidays just for the two of us.
Share with us their daily experiences, stories, ideas, and encounters outside the home,
Give us happy surprise sometimes, like get us breakfast in bed, flowers, candy, new dress, undies, or a wonderful gift we can cherish.
Make great sacrifices for us – help out with some of the household chores, opt to spend time with us instead of having a guy’s night out.
Touch, hold, caress, kiss and hug very often and not wait for invitation to do so.
Take delight in our body and share sexual and intimate moments with us.
As wives, we are also expected to:
Be as attractive as possible for them
Be a loving and non judgmental friend
Admire their efforts and abilities
Ensure they are sexually fulfilled (this is highly important)
Show them we love and care for them.
Pet them more than we do our children. (Remember they are our first babies)
Offer them intelligent and sound advice when necessary.
Always be ready to escort them on recreational activities.
Support their dreams and assist to actualize them.
Offer both domestic and moral support.
Be proud of their achievements no matter how small.
In summary, both parties should strive to give out what the other needs; there should always be oneness.

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