12 November 2007

Garage Flooring

I recently pack up my computer service business because of some unscrupulous area boys who made their living off shop owners. Many times before I had to close up the shop I have had to pay series of official and unofficial dues to these boys who will go to any length to make sure they get what they want from the business owner. Upon packing up, I really did not have any idea where I was going to keep all the things; my house is already tight with no space to spare for storing items. The only place I could think of was the garage, but then the garage flooring is beat up, cracked and oil stained, it is definitely not the best place to keep computers, photocopiers and other related items, unless some repair work is done first or if the place could clean well. Maybe I will just order some tiles from carguygarage in any pattern to cover up the floor and probably end up giving my home a whole new look

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evil woobie said...

i absolutely sympathize with you on this. Im not a computer shop owner, but im an avid computer shop goer. So what do you plan to do with your PCs now?