12 November 2007

Branding with the wedding band.

I can remember the number of times I have argued with my husband about the use of his wedding ring, and it’s always the same answer over and over. Whenever I asked why he does not like to wear it even when I wear my own all the time, his answer is usually, “you need it more than I do”. He said wearing the wedding ring is not the important thing, it is love that matters. He said the use of the ring does not prevent him from being unfaithful, because he simply does not have cause to be unfaithful, whether he wears the ring or not is immaterial.
This issue bothered me until a close friend told me the story of how her lecturer husband has been sleeping around with students and even some of his female co-lecturers. But you need to see the mark the wedding band left on this guy’s finger, without the use of the band itself, the indelible mark is enough to tell you this guy is married. And that’s how he’s been sleeping around with other women while wearing the wedding ring. What seems to be most amazing about these single girls dating married men is the fact that they knew without doubt that the men are married with children and they don’t seem to care.
The same goes for married women who sleep around, they are simply incredible! I often wondered at the men that go into relationship with them, they must be something else too. Such men must have lost all form of decency in order to be able to sleep with another man’s wife no matter how willing or alluring the woman is.
In essence, wedding band or not, it’s the heart that matters, someone could even stamped MARRIED on their forehead for all to see, and still have the morals of an alley cat.
Why then are people so crazy about the wedding ring?
Women especially love to flaunt it, it’s a sign that that they belong to a man.
And the men especially love their wives to wear it because it’s a mark indicating identity or ownership of the women.
I love to use it simply because, it’s a reminder of the love we vowed for each other.

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Bro. Tee said...

Hmmn Why do I wear the wedding ring? To be sincere, I can't give a simple answer. I'm not quite sure. But there are some important reasons that I can easily point out.
1. My spouse wants me to wear it (and that is very important).
2. With my baby face and stature it is a cool way of telling sisters that there is no vacancy.
As for my mind. I don't think I need the ring as a reminder of the vow that I took. I love my Lord enough to keep faithful even when no-one is watching.
As for my opinion, the ring is no guarantee that a married person will be faithful. If the mind is not renewed by the Word of God, all manner of evil can be committed even when the ring is being displayed conspicuously.

Bola said...

Thanks bro Tee, a lot of pple don't truly know why they wear the ring except to brand them as MARRIED and as you said scare away trespassers.

Tim said...

Nice blog you have here. Found my way over from Untwisted Vortex.
I don't wear my wedding ring, and I will tell you why. My wife would like it if I did wear my ring, but it is dangerous.
I work in the construction industry. I know of 3 men who have had their fingers damaged or cut off because the ring caught on something. Also, the ring was wearing out from rubbing on the inside of my glove and I lost a diamond already.
As far as scaring off other women, I don't think it works. Some women (and men!) want what is off limits, what they can't have. I pass right under the radar for these people. I would never cheat in any case.

Bola said...

Thanks Tim,it's rather true that some pple want whats off limit.That was a long journey from Untwisted votex down here,i truly appreciate your visit and comments.
Stay blessed.

WH Africa said...

Hi, wedding bands are just a symbol of the vows we took. They are not the actual vows themselves, so taking off the ring does not mean you've abandoned your vows. I used to make a little fuss about it myself but in the end, i decided "not to sweat the small stuff" as they say. My husband shows he loves me in word and in deed. He does wear his ring during the day though. Men can be unfaithful even with the most enormous ring weighing down their finger. Some women actively pursue married men because they feel that those ones can take care of them financially. Put your marriage in God's hands - ring or no ring!