01 November 2007

What a sad world!

My thoughts today are with parents who have lost their child violently through the hands of perverted souls mistakenly labelled as human beings. There is no consoling such people; no amount of words could be enough to douse their bitterness and anger at life for allowing such thing to happen to their child. It pained me that someone somewhere birthed such human garbage and their births were also rejoiced over, probably with a lot of funfair, I wish their parent knew what they would become, maybe they could have done something to prevent these depraved entities from causing so much pain and anguish to innocent families by the brutal murder of their children. What pleasure could an adult get from sexually molesting small children who never understand anything other than to cry for mummy at the slightest pain or inconvenience.
My questions are;
Are such persons human?
What goes through their mind when perpetrating such evil?
Were such people born with paedophilic tendencies or was it developed over the years?
What make some people so cruel, wicked and unfeeling that even the cries that emanate from their victims is not enough to deter them from committing the evil act?
Friends, after reading this story from NAFASG, I could not stop crying at the inhumanity of some people. It could have been any other child from any part of the world, they are everywhere, please lets be very careful with our young ones.
May God protect us all.

2 Reaction(s).:

wande said...

It is just a manifestation of the abnormal state of human mind.

Bro. Tee said...

Sister B, the parents of those perverted human beings have nothing to do with it. The bible says in Jeremiah 17:9 that the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked and no man can fully imagine what it is capable of conceiving.
I agree fully with wande. The ordinary human mind is terrible. It is Jesus Christ that makes the difference. If not for the redemption work done in us by the Holy Spirit, some of us that are crying about this story will do worse things if we give the devil just a little foothold in our soul.