28 March 2008

Entrecard Discretion Required (EDR).

Sexual Intimacy, this was originally supposed to be between a man and a woman, correct me if I’m wrong. But is there any intimacy in a threesome, foursome or whatever some perverted minds chose to call it. I was on a blog today, featured on one of the entrecard blogs and I was so disgusted I just decided to stop the whole EC business.
Usually when I drop cards on other blogs, I always make it a point of duty to visit the blog’s featured blog, but guess where I found myself, a site that not only promote sex between couples, lesbianism, homosexuality, but also gave graphic description of her escapades. I thought such things are supposed to be restricted to people that fancy them rather than being openly displayed in the name of EC advertising.
I am totally outraged and disappointed because I felt that the whole EC business is supposed to be respectable. And believe me that may not be the only site/blog in that category. So be very careful when dropping cards, accepting adverts and placing adverts on other sites, because some of those blogs are not listed under the appropriate category, they have refreshingly nice name, a tame title and description, you may not suspect what they are about until you read them.

Have a blessed weekend.

2 Reaction(s).:

tkwi said...


I once had stopped using a blog link exchange service on my old blog because the links were to perverted sites.

I had to ask myself if it was being Christian to promote that garbage... you know, the stuff that Jesus had to be tortured and die for to build a bridge between man and God.

NaijaEcash said...

This is quite disappointing. I quite agree with you that if the moderators of Entrecard are unable to guide against people being assaulted with unpleasant contents in the name of advertisement, then, the whole scheme will soon collapse.
I will be ashamed if an advert placed on my blog takes visitors to a blog full of unwholesome pictures. Blogging is just a vocation, Christlike lifestyle is my life! Thanks for sharing this. I will have to be more careful how I accept adverts without visiting the blogs placing the adverts first. I guess the 125x125 banners are becoming deceptive.