25 March 2008


Easter is a time to reflect on the death of Christ and also celebrate his resurrection. He died that we may have life and have it in abundance. We all need to remember His free gift of forgiveness and likewise give this out to our families, friends, neighbours and loved ones. His death is an open check already prepared for us, even when we are yet to know him, that anytime we call to him for forgiveness, he is ever ready to forgive us.

We need to have the spirit of forgiveness. We need to stop holding people for the offence they have committed against us. It is important to forgive others so that we can be forgiven and free our minds from the burden of bitterness, anger, resentment and often times grudges that come with unforgiving spirit. When we forgive, we will be able to sleep better and go out of our way to show kindness and love to the person that was forgiven.

Forgiveness is important in marriage even though it hurts, most especially when it must be extended to a husband or wife who doesn’t deserve it, who hasn’t earned it, who may misuse it. It is also hard to forgive in a marriage tense with past troubles, tormented by fears of rejection and humiliation, and torn by suspicion and distrust. But forgive we must in other for us to have God’s kind of marriage and a home that radiates the perfect love of God.

With his death on the cross, God has paid the terrible price that is necessary for our forgiveness. Knowing beforehand that forgiveness, which is our greatest need, may be too costly and the price too much for us to pay sent us a Savior to redeem us. We must learn to forgive and forget because whatever God forgives, he forgets.
To err is human
To forgive is divine.

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