25 February 2009

I’m on my way back.

These days, I think I just found that I’m too lazy to blog. In between caring for my children, taking care of the home, going to work and running a post graduate programme, my hands are just too full to accommodate something else. I missed blogging, but I’m enough of a blogger to know that out of sight is out of mind. But thanks to the numerous friends who have been worried enough to ask why I have left things for so long. It was not actually for lack of things to write but for the lack of time to put pen to paper.
Because I am an advocate of good parenting and spending quality time with one’s children, I do not want to be found guilty of neglecting my children and my other responsibilities. Like an HSE quote says walk the talk.
Happy New Year to my numerous friends, wishing everyone a wonderful new year filled with good tidings. May all our dreams and aspirations come to fulfilment this year in Jesus name? (Amen!)


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Enid said...

Hi there Bola! I am glad you are back of course I do understand the big responsibilities ahead of you as I myself am a mother of 3. Women especially mothers are good at multi-tasking and most times we do need to prioritize. About your question regardng the call centre industry. Remember when we used to go to banks or pizza parlors or other entities where we need to do the legwork to be able to accomplish or order for anything? Well someone smart thought of a bright idea of bringing everything within our fingertips by bringing together a bunch of customer service representative who would answer customer's querries, taking orders and a lot of other things without having us go from one place to another to do our business. Hence, the birth of the call center industry. Other establishments have managed to pull their own customer service contact center while others hire call center companies to do this for them. So instead of going to Pizza hut to buy a family pizza and take it home when we just want to watch a movie. Now customers can just call a dedicated number and order over the phone without sweating it out. Banks, telecom companies, insurance companies and others followed this trend, making complaints, troubleshooting, telephone banking, even opening accounts possible over the phone or through the internet. My job as a customer service rep includes handling complaints, customer querries, lost and stolen reporting among other things. I am nor sure if I was able to explain everything clearly though but I hope I was able to at least give you an idea. Here I hope this helps further :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_center_industry_in_the_Philippines#Call_center_duties_and_responsibilities

IJ said...

Hi sis, Just Imagine was thinking of you today and I was just saying to my self, "me and this woman dey thesame lag ooo I wonder sha, well one day God go do am for us in Jesus Mighty Name Amen" (friends it's pidgin English so Don't worry for she knows what am talking about lol)

Happy to hear from you and to know you and your family are ok, by the Grace of God COH blog has moved to it's own domain actually using wordpress now so feel free to visit

Godbless and much love

Clement said...

Bola, good to see you back. Though I have also been equally busy, I still manage to write at least five posts every month. Please write again, even one post a month will enough.

Bola said...

Thanks Enid, Ij and Clement.I sure will try to stick around.