13 March 2009

Did you say Mumps?

I woke up Tuesday morning to notice a swelling on my son’s face. My first thought was that he had hit his face against a wall in the night or had a fight at school and someone hit him in the process. All the same my first reaction was to take him to the hospital because I will not know how serious it is until I get him to the hospital. The doctor said Mumps is a viral infection spread by airborne droplets from the nose or throat, that the disease is most common in children after the age of two. He said it is good that I brought him as soon as I noticed it, that if not quickly attended to, it could cause the child severe pain, increase body temperature, cause fever, make him unable to eat or chew anything and if not properly treated can affect the scrotum.
On hearing this, I was so scared, anything to do with my child’s health is important. I had to do my own research to fully understand the infection better. I goggled mumps and came up with netdoctor, I was glad I did because after reading through the article I was relieved that it did not present any serious problem.
Well, thought I’d better get this out for people like me who had no previous experience of mumps, it could be unpleasant seeing your child’s ear sticking out with his face all swollen and disfigured. You could read further at Netdoctor.

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Enid said...

Hello Bola! I hope by this time your son is ok. Last December I thought my son ha mumps too but it turned out that his lymph nodes are enlarged because of a viral infection. He had fever on the eve of New Year so I was caught in the middle of jumping up and down by 12midnight and running to my son who was so feverish. How are you Bola? I hope you are doing well and I hope your family si dong well too!

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